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Traction Hobby Cragsman off road electric 1:8 Scale Trail rc Crawler clear truck

Cragsman is our team's 2nd version 1/8 rc crawler. It is different from first version,it focuses on multifunction. The 1/8 Scale and Trail rc crawler new design prototype is the real car and in strict accordance with the proportion of real car scale.Breaking the traditional small design scale, this car is fully new design with unprecedented 1/8 Scale and show car driving features and driving posture perfectly, giving players more innovative entertainment and gaming experience. Our products include Traction Hobby Founder and Cragsman, 1/8 large Scale Trail Crawler rc car,scale trail crawler,rc crawler, rock crawler,1/8 electric rc car,scale trail truck. Please contact us.

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This is the description of Traction Hobby Cragsman off road electric 1:8 Scale Trail rc Crawler clear truck
Option body color:
Vehicle Configuration
Motor:RS550 37T Brushed Crawler Motor
ESC: HW-WP-860-DUAL-RTR 60A brush ESC
Battery: Support 7.4V 2S Lipo battery/7.4V Li-no battery/7.2V Ni-Mh battery(Not included)
Scale: 1/8 Large Scale            
Car size: L-670mm*W-302mm*H-305.5mm            
Wheel base: 374mm            
Wheel track: 245mm  
Chassis underground clearance: 83mm          
Minimum underground clearance :45mm
Gross weight: 8.20KGS(RTR Kit)/7.95KGS(ARR Kit)
Carton size: 706mm*378mm*284mm
Chassis frame:Multi-Connection design 1.2mm thickness formed steel
Suspension :Full metal alloy front and rear straight axle/non independent
Angle: Approach  Angle: 63°/ Departure Angle: 41°/Passing Angle: 52°
Shock Absorber:Metal adjustable hydraulic shock absorber with oil filling
Body shell:Traction Hobby design-PC split type shell(Option color:blue and clear)
Pinion gear:14T       Spur gear:60T Nylon tooth
Driving:4WD /2WD Shifting transmission system
Wheel :2.2inch wheel rim (PROCOMP authorized) and 5.3X2.2R2.2 super soft tires (Mark Ma authorized)
Electronic equipment
Steering servo : TH2016 (20KGS Degree/25T)
Front diff lock servo : TH2503(3KGS Degree/25T)
Rear diff lock servo : TH2503(3KGS Degree/25T)
Transfer box  servo : TH2503(3KGS Degree/25T)
Two speed servo : TH2503(3KGS Degree/25T)
Transmitter: Traction Hobby design-THT6 Transmitter 6 channels
Body sticker*1set
Instruction book*1pc
L wrench set*1set
4 Way wrench *1pc
Unit price(MOQ=20pcs)
USD???-RTR Version(No Battery)
USD???-ARR Version(No Battery,ESC,Motor)
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