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Traction Hobby-Cragsman 1/8 Scale Cralwer Full Function Nylon Kit

2017-08-04 16:41:40

Traction Hobby Introduction:

TRACTION HOBBY (TH HOBBY) is Frontier Model for short, established in 2016 .Trade Mark was registered both  in China and USA.It is a high end fully new brand. 

Traction Hobby (Frontier Model) is committed to research、development and manufacturing of 1/8 scale&trail rc Crawler. Product's development&design is from the strong technical team of Chinese  automotive engineering university.At the same time, development&design consultant team is from American designers and Taiwan designers.The original design idea is belongs to the American design team. We will provide a large scale,highly simulated, high-quality products for Crawler enthusiasts with professional technology and improve service team.

Traction Hobby (Frontier Model) focuses on the fully new crawler design, based on the model of innovation frontier, leading the trend, keep going forward.

Parameter :

  • Scale: 1/8 Large Scale
  • Wheel Base:374mm
  • Wheel Track:245mm
  • Car Size: L-670mm*W-302mm*H-5mm

Key Features:

  • 1/8 Large Scale, fully new scale brings you a new world.
  • Strong formed steel chassis framewith multi-connection design.
  • Front and Rear differential locks.
  • High/Low 2 speedtransmission.
  • 2 speed gear box: low speed gear ratio is 2.6,high speed gear ratio is 1.8.
  • Split type transfer case.Gear ratio is 1.2.
  • Modular design makes disassembly and assembly easy.
  • Install Partition transmission system,switch between 4WD and 2WD.
  • Strong magnetic body shell column with velcro on side frame.
  • 45 degree steering angle.Widen adaptor leaves much space to DIY the car decorations.
  • Axle’s kingpincaster angle is 8 degree,Kingpin inclination angle is 8 degree. Makes the car to get realistic car steering principle.
  • Anti torque twist transfer case.
  • Split type electric equipment box.
  • Extra large receiver box can put 10 channel receiver .
  • Independent ESC box , dust proof and easy to clean.

Traction Hobby-Version OneFounder full metal kit has been listed on the sales market,the 1/8 Crawler has got many RC fans support and welcome.Now Traction Hobby team designed and once again launched TRACTION HOBBY-Cragsman,fully new design and full function 1/8 Scale&Crawler Nylon kit.It will come soon.